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  extended bycom.acme.gui.presObjs.TestPO1
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TestPO1
extends java.lang.Object
implements com.lutris.appserver.server.httpPresentation.HttpPresentation

Field Summary
private static java.lang.String html1
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void run(com.lutris.appserver.server.httpPresentation.HttpPresentationComms comms)
          Run the Presentation Object passing it an HTTP request to handle.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Field Detail


private static final java.lang.String html1
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Constructor Detail


public TestPO1()
Method Detail


public void run(com.lutris.appserver.server.httpPresentation.HttpPresentationComms comms)
         throws java.lang.Exception
Description copied from interface: com.lutris.appserver.server.httpPresentation.HttpPresentation
Run the Presentation Object passing it an HTTP request to handle. Presentation objects differ from Servlets in that they are only called to handle a single request at a time. No concurrency control is required. The presentation should be coded in such a way that it can handle multiple, non-concurrent requests or have a lifetime of a single request.

Specified by:
run in interface com.lutris.appserver.server.httpPresentation.HttpPresentation